About Our Company

Posted on, 12 July 2014 at 10.30am by admin

Our Business is the most popular mobile app for transport, incorporates city transport for consumers and chauffeur partners onto a mobile innovation platform. As one of India's fastest growing business we make sure practical, transparent and fast service satisfaction utilizing innovation to make transport trouble totally free for everybody.
Our Business offerings on its platform vary from budget-friendly A/C taxis on Our Business Micro variety to the remarkable high-end offering from Lux along with localized offerings like the common Auto-rickshaws to Shuttle for the day-to-day commute. Utilizing Our Business mobile app, users throughout 102 cities can easily schedule from over 450,000 cars offered to them.

We have empowered numerous countless driver-partners as business owners, by developing a community including funding organizations, vehicle makers, company and so on for chauffeurs to grow expertly and personally along with a constant earning chance for them on the Ola platform.